Winter weekend beading

Winter weekends are ideal for craft projects. Especially if you live as close to the Arctic circle as I do. Crafts + hot chocolate + music = perfect snowy evening.
 A friend of mine who lives in a warmer place decided to brave the cold and come visit my part of the world in the middle of January! She did pretty well with the cold during the day, but when the temperatures dropped to single digits (Fahrenheit) in the evenings, we had to stay at home. While thinking of a fun project to do indoors, I remembered this bead store I pass on my way to work everyday. I promptly roped in another friend and registered the three of us for a 90-min beading class. While we weren’t sure what to expect when we walked in, it turned out to be super fun! Expensive, but fun :) We learned two basic wire wrapping techniques and made three earrings each. The techniques are very versatile and now that we have a ‘feel’ for the craft, I think we are better equipped for self-learning via youtube videos, reading and experimentation. These are the the earrings we made in the class –

Some of the techniques we learnt can be seen in the first five minutes of this video:

The next day, we went to another bead store, bought some more beads and wires and the tools: A round nose plier and a flush cutter. Another evening of beading produced a few more earrings and I think we did a better job this time:

Here’s to handmade costume jewelry! And to quality time with friends!


One comment on “Winter weekend beading

  1. Mints! says:

    We did pretty good didn't we :)

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