More beading and the beginning of knitting

I had been thinking about making wine charms since I discovered beading last month. Last week, I stopped by the bead store on the way home from work and spent an hour picking out beads for two sets of wine charms. It’s amazing how much time you can spend doing things like these.

I was going to wait to post pictures until I had company and could open a new bottle of wine, but I got impatient :-) So, here you go… wine charms minus the wine —

Speaking of wine, there’s a lovely little neighbourhood wine shop close to where I live, called, Vinodivino.  It features wines from all over the world and their helpful staff helps you pick one out based on your preferences and food pairings. They are reasonably priced as well. My friends and family reading this — When you visit my corner of the world, I promise you a home-cooked dinner, a nice wine from Vinodivino and we can go out for dessert at Finale or Athan’s. Is that incentive enough to start looking for flight tickets? :)

In other news, I recently started knitting again. By again, I mean after middle school. I learned to knit as a part of our school curriculum (which by the way, was very sexist since boys learned gardening/paper crafts instead of knitting) and I absolutely hated it. I wasn’t bad at it, but wasn’t great either. I think I just hated it because I had to do it and complete it within a certain time. When I decided to try knitting again, I sort of surprised myself  (and my sister who whole-heartedly shared my hatred for this craft!).  Taking inspiration from a friend, I started slow and made four square tea coasters:

The ones seen in the above picture (tied with a ribbon bow) are made using seed stitch  with an odd number of stitches. I also tried a few other stitches such as garter stitch, stockinette stitch , and a basket weave. But seed stitch looked the best of all, so I made a set of four.

I also made two bookmarks, but realized they were too thick to be inserted into books and would probably wreck the weak binding of paperbacks. So bookmarks isn’t a viable knitting project, until maybe I learn to crochet with thinner yarn.

Graduating to the next level, I wanted to practice reading and following a pattern.  I started knitting this simple chevron pattern and after several mistakes and corrections, ended up with a square trivet that looked like this:

Last but not the least, a few more earrings I made yesterday:

I gave away most from the last batch to family and friends, so I needed a few new ones in stock as emergency gift-options!  Handmade gifts are the best, aren’t they?