An attempt at wall art and new knitting projects

I have been looking for ideas to decorate my bedroom walls. A few weeks ago, a friend showed me this idea for wall art. It seemed easy enough to try and the results looked promising so I decided to give it a shot.

The step-by-step procedure and the materials used are listed on that blog so I won’t bother with those details here. I do, however, wish to make a few notes for reference —

1. I bought spray paint, foam brushes and acrylic paint from Michaels. 

2. We need craft acrylics, not artists’ acrylics. Artists’ acrylic paints are expensive  and not necessary for this simple project. Craft acrylics are about 50-60 cents a bottle.

3. There were so many different kinds of spray paints available at Michaels – it was really confusing! I finally bought one at random. It turned out to be much darker than I thought. I was hoping for a mild off-white background but what I got was a stark cream color. Oh, well.

4. When spray-painting, do it outdoors rather than indoors (irrespective of what the note on the spray can says). You do not want those fumes and mist in your house.  

I used a brown Sharpie paint pen for the branches as described in the blog. Here’s the canvas with the background and branches painted, right before I started the actual “artsy” stuff —


I made myself a nice, warm cup of spiced chai (seen in pic), put on some music and  started “painting” using the coffee table in my living room as a desk. Since the sponge brushes I had were a combination of round and square brushes, it took me longer than expected. After about an hour and a half of mess-making, this was the final product:


I am not particularly thrilled with the result, but not entirely disappointed either.  I’m still deciding if this is worthy of wall-mounting. Reader advice is welcome! I still think the cream color background is not working and the rest of the colors have not come together very well. Some of  the circles are not perfect round shapes because of the square brushes I used.

In other news, I have still been knitting on and off. While looking for more beginner’s level projects, I found this Skating Hat on Ravelry. I made two of these, one following the pattern exactly and the other with a different stitch but the same increasing and decreasing pattern.

Here’s one of them, in stockinette stitch:


And that’s me, fooling around at a neighborhood cafe with a friend, on a cold February weekend :-) Here’s the other one, this time following the Ravelry pattern:


I didn’t follow the exact yarn and gauge  — I just used whatever I had. That explains why my hat doesn’t look like theirs. Mine was 100% Icelandic wool that I bought at the Super Bowl sale at a local yarn store. Another purchase at the sale was a variegated silk-blend handspun wool yarn from Uruguay. It was so pretty, I couldn’t pass. I’m still a beginner though and I didn’t want to waste the beautiful and expensive yarn on unsuccessful projects. So I chose a simple variation of an equally simple feather and fan scarf. I am almost half way through this project  as of now —


Since this is a major project, I may simultaneously start on other smaller projects soon. Other things on my mind include cotton dishcloths with various hard-to-follow patterns and bi-color/multicolor patterns, knitted presents for a friends baby that was born yesterday and another baby in my extended family that is due end-of-summer this year. I just acquired a pair of circular needles so a knitting-in-the-round baby hat may be a good start. I also want to try my hand at some simple embroidery on some baby blankets or bibs.

Another idea is to make wall art for the nursery using felt — it looks baby-ish and cute, is cheap and can be thrown away in a few months when baby is ready for new decor :-) Let’s see how it pans out. I will be back next month, reporting progress on the scarf and hopefully at least one other new project.

Last but not the least, here are some more beaded earrings. I am bored of this pattern of earring-making now. I need to look for some new findings for jewelry making. There are plenty of bead stores nearby — I just haven’t had the time to explore. I don’t wear much jewelry but I must admit I have really enjoyed jewelry making — there’s so much room for creativity, infinite possibilities and it’s fairly easy even for a craft-challenged person like me. Also, they make cute presents for girl friends, who can never have too many earrings. Although I am not much of a jewelry person (who am I kidding — I am not much of a crafts person either!), I have been wearing more earrings since I started making them and I’m liking it!



2 comments on “An attempt at wall art and new knitting projects

  1. meghnadilip says:

    If I didnt know better I would say oh what a craftsy gal!
    I like all the projects, but am particularly taken by the Uruguayan scarf in progress.

  2. Mints! says:

    Love all the things showcased here. I like the ski-scarf good idea of doing in two different colors.

    Once you start enjoying craft, its just so much easier to relax after hectic work day, isn’t it? Good luck to all your projects, current and future :)

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