Craft-blogging after a long time!

I started writing this blog with great enthusiasm but haven’t posted anything in the past year and a half. I’ve been doing little crafty things here and there, but have been too busy to reflect on what I’ve done and write about it. I took up a new job last year, which keeps me busier than before and I also have a much longer commute now which eats into leisure time. Plus, I have significantly ramped up dance, which is admittedly my biggest passion even though I don’t do it full-time. Oh well, I’m back because I miss writing. It’s not only the obsessive urge to chronicle and document everything that brings me back here, but also the reflective process of writing which is relaxing, refreshing and helps put things in perspective.  Enough chit-chat.

Here’s proof that having craft supplies lying around the house for months pays off eventually:


I had this bookcase with an ugly stain on the side and I had purchased small sample-size bottles of wall-paint and varied size brushes from Home Depot to paint Warli designs on it, with great intent. The paint bottles and brushes sat next to the bookshelf for months, collecting dust and waiting to be used. Finally on a cold March weekend, when I was feeling slightly under the weather, I was thankful to have these supplies handy and undertook this ‘Tree of Life’ project along with a friend who was visiting from out of town. I must say we were quite pleased with and proud of the result. See, it pays to have craft supplies handy :)

In other news, I completed the scarf mentioned in the last post, in the spring of 2013.  I worked on it on and off for several months (more off than on :) ) and was quite relieved when it was done. I have used it a couple times already this fall but I don’t have a picture of it. I wear it with a nice maroon full-sleeved shirt and I must remember to at least take one of those cellphone selfie shots when I wear it the next time. I think it looks stylish ;)

Another project in the last year was this baby hat that I made for a niece (cousin’s daughter). I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it to her, but her parents didn’t forget to send me a picture of her sporting it and looking super cute :)


And finally, we did some more knitting when my mother and sister visited from India this summer.  It was some very precious quality time we spent together. Every night after dinner, we would curl up on different locations in the living room, play some old Hindi film music and and work on our separate knitting projects until one or all of us started to doze off. Mother crocheted a sweater dress, hat and booties for the above-mentioned baby with Google-guidance from my friend, Mints. Mom had done quite a few knitting projects when she was young but hadn’t held needles/hook in her hands in years now. She was very happy to get back to it. My sister’s story was a little bit like mine, as mentioned in this post – she had learnt the basics of knitting in school but didn’t care much for it then. Now, as a grown up, she was fascinated by the craft and was glad to have the time and opportunity to try it again. She very industriously looked up youtube videos for a beginner’s project and made this lovely potholder, which  I use routinely now:


I don’t have a completed picture of mine and mom’s projects but here’s one of the three of ours projects while in progress:


The center project is mine – a blue winter hat for myself, knitted on circular needles. It came out so-so and I hope to do a better job on the next adult-size hat I knit. On the right is the top part of the baby sweater dress mom crocheted. The finished product actually looked very cute, with pink satin ribbons and pink buttons adorning it, but I one hundred percent forgot to take a picture! I think she used this pattern.

My next knitting project will most likely be the same hat, using the same kind of yarn in gray colour (I bought both colours together), which I will give away as a gift. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the last hat, I’ll try the same pattern again and see if I can do a better job this time.

I haven’t done much beading since my first stint nor have I felt very enthusiastic about it. But now, I may have found a potential craft buddy who may be interested in beading, so let’s see if we can get something done this winter. I think picking out beads is more fun than beading itself! I have also wanted to learn sewing for a while now and have seriously considered taking classes, but I also don’t want to over-schedule and over-commit, leaving no time for reflective processes such as writing, which I have always been guilty of doing! Hope to come back after not such a long gap this time.


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